Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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accuse to blame for or charge with a crime or something wrong.
bouquet a bunch of flowers, often arranged in a special way to be attractive.
democracy a form of government in which power rests with the people, either directly or through elected representatives.
doodle to draw or scribble without purpose.
dread to be very afraid of.
ensure to make certain; cause to be a certainty.
fatal causing or able to cause death.
forge1 to form or shape by heating and hammering.
impressive having a lasting effect on the mind or feelings; making a strong impression.
intricate having many complex parts, angles, or aspects; involved; elaborate.
observation the act or an instance of perceiving the environment through one of the senses.
overrule to rule or decide against.
recent having to do with or happening in the very near past.
scoop a tool with a short handle attached to a deep, curved bowl, used to take up food or grain.
spur a metal piece with a spike that is attached to the heel of a rider's boot. Spurs are used to make a horse go forward.