Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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amaze to surprise greatly or fill with wonder; astonish.
chilly causing a cool feeling that is uncomfortable.
cowardice a lack of bravery to work through danger, pain, or other difficult things.
darken to make more shadowy or less light.
fabric cloth that is woven or knitted; material.
festival a ceremony or celebration that involves special activities and amusements and often occurs once a year.
global having to do with the whole earth.
labor hard work or effort.
meter3 a device that measures or records distance, speed, time, quantity, or degree.
option the right, power, or freedom to choose.
panel a section of a door, wall, or other surface that is set apart from the area around it by being raised, sunken, or decorated.
roost a perch on which birds rest or sleep, or a place containing such perches.
site the location or proposed location of a town, city, building, or event.
suite several things that together form a set or series.
tremble to shake from fear, weakness, or cold.