Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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ail to trouble or cause pain to.
comment a written or spoken statement of opinion.
declare to announce in a formal way.
desperate not caring about danger because of great need.
dialogue a talk between two or more people or between characters in a play, film, or novel.
embarrass to make uncomfortable or ill at ease.
generous willing to give or share; not selfish.
measurement the specific size of something, given in units.
remind to cause (someone) to recall something.
scroll a roll of paper or parchment, used to write or draw on.
slang very informal speech that is made up of new words, or new meanings of old words. Slang is not appropriate for serious conversation or writing.
solid having a firm shape or form that can be measured in length, width, and height; not like a liquid or a gas.
suggest to put forth for thinking about; propose.
venture an activity or undertaking in which there is risk or the result is not certain.
wardrobe a collection of clothes or costumes that is the property of one person or of a theater.