Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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costly having a high price or value.
fantasy imagination or something imagined.
handicap anything that makes things harder or keeps one from doing better.
identify to figure out or show who someone is or what something is.
incident something that happens; a single event.
jab to poke with a pointed object.
laughter the act or sound of laughing.
mattress a large pad that supports the body while sleeping, made of a strong fabric filled with soft material such as cotton, hair, straw, or foam rubber.
merriment gaiety and mirth; happy enjoyment, especially in company.
myth a story or group of stories that form part of the traditional knowledge of a society. Myths often use imaginative plots and characters to explain how the world began and why nature and people behave the way they do.
obedient likely or willing to obey rules or orders.
portrait a painting, drawing, photograph or sculpture of a person.
seller one who sells.
tissue a group of cells in an animal or plant body that are like each other and do similar things.
worth good or important enough for.