Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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beast any animal other than a human, especially a mammal with four legs.
bid an offer to buy something at a certain price or to do a job for a certain price.
browse to examine things in a slow and casual way.
county one of several sections into which a U.S. state is divided.
debt something owed to another person.
feud anger, unfriendliness, or fighting between families or other related groups that lasts for a long time.
frontier a border between two countries, or the area nearby on either side.
obedient likely or willing to obey rules or orders.
perspire to give off moisture through the pores of the skin; sweat.
pursuit the act of following or chasing.
revenge to get even for or pay back by causing injury or harm.
speck a small mark or spot.
starter someone or something that starts.
universe all matter and energy; all existing things, including the earth and heavens.
worldwide spread or happening all over the world.