Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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adore to love and admire very strongly.
attention the concentration of one's mind on something.
bustle1 to move rapidly and energetically (often followed by "about").
cement a powder made of clay and limestone that becomes hard when water is added. Cement is used as a building material.
charity something given to a person or persons in need.
circular having a round shape or outline.
correction the act of making something right or more accurate.
counsel help or advice given by an authority or wise person.
foul very unpleasant to taste, smell, or look at.
imitate to copy the actions of; try to be like.
instruct to teach; educate; tell.
mercy kind treatment by someone who has some power over another.
participant a person who joins in or becomes involved in something.
recover to get back.
valley a long area of low land between mountains or hills. A stream or river often runs through a valley.