Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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absolute precise; exact.
accurate free of mistakes or error.
drench to soak, or wet completely.
financial having to do with money or those whose job is to manage money.
framework a structure that supports something built on or around it.
guffaw a burst of loud or boisterous laughter.
identity all of those things by which a person or thing is known or is considered as being.
pause a short stop.
penitentiary a prison for people who have been found guilty of serious crimes.
rugged having a surface that is rough and broken.
sharp having a thin edge or a fine point.
stale having lost its taste or moisture; not fresh.
testimony a statement made under oath before a judge in a court of law.
therapist one who specializes in treating people with psychological, emotional, or social problems.
thus in this way; so.