Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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cascade to fall from one level to the next; flow down like a waterfall.
cease to stop or come to an end.
defamation the act of causing damage to the reputation of a person, group, or institution by making unfavorable and unjust statements.
doom an event or end that one cannot escape; fate; destiny.
exotic from a foreign place.
gross rude or disgusting.
impertinent rude or too bold.
liquefy to reduce to or become a fluid.
maneuver to move to a desired position or goal using strategy or skill.
overhaul to go over carefully, taking apart as necessary and making all needed repairs.
oversee to watch over and direct (others or their work); supervise.
seam a line formed by sewing two pieces of fabric together.
strut to walk in a proud or vain manner.
temptation the condition of being lured or enticed by the possibility of pleasure to do something unwise or wrong.
verdict the decision of a judge or jury in a law case.