Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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abnormal not normal or usual.
boredom the state of being bored or of not feeling interested.
contribute to give for a purpose.
counterfeit made to look like something real in order to cheat people.
exclude to leave out; keep out.
glower to look or stare with sullenness, anger, or animosity; scowl.
inconvenient causing trouble or extra effort; not convenient.
merely nothing more than; simply; only.
molecule the smallest unit of a substance that has all the properties of that substance. A molecule is made up of a single atom or group of atoms.
nutrient something in food that helps people, animals, and plants live and grow.
pose a fixed position of the body.
potential a certain skill that may be developed.
regional of or relating to a particular geographical area.
relevant related to what is being discussed or is presently important.
vex to annoy or irritate.