Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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cameo a stone carved so as to leave a slightly raised image of one color and a background of another, often worn as jewelry.
consolidation the act of combining into a whole or mass; unification.
debris scattered pieces left after something has been destroyed.
deduce to draw (a conclusion) by reasoning from given information or general principles.
dominate to control by the use of power; rule.
excise1 a tax levied on the manufacture or sale of certain goods within a nation or state.
immune protected from a disease, either naturally or by getting a vaccine.
implication something hinted at or suggested, but not said directly.
interval the period of time between two events or situations.
management the act of controlling and directing.
novelty the quality of being new or unusual.
reevaluate to carefully reconsider the value, worth, or efficacy of; reassess.
reminisce to recall past experiences, often with fondness or pleasure.
successor a person or thing that comes after or follows another.
tragedy a disaster; a very sad event.