Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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abundance a very large amount; plentiful supply.
arc any curved line; anything shaped like a bow or curve.
commit to dedicate, devote or pledge.
considerable large in size or amount.
delinquent neglectful of a duty or guilty of an offense or violation of the law.
democrat a member of the Democratic Party of the United States.
distinctive serving to set apart or mark as distinct or unusual.
ecology the scientific study of the relationships between living things and their environments.
hearty full of warmth and enthusiasm; friendly.
humanitarian characterized by concern for improving the welfare of people.
indignation righteous anger in response to something considered unjust or unworthy.
ordeal a painful, difficult experience, or test of one's character.
pregnancy the condition in a female human or animal in which the body is developing new life and preparing to give birth.
sibling a sister or a brother.
vigilante one who seeks to avenge a crime or injury or to punish a suspected criminal without legal authority or due process.