Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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consent to give permission or approval; agree (often followed by "to").
contribution something that is contributed.
discount an amount taken away from the full or regular price or cost.
equate to make or consider to be equal or equivalent.
frustration an angry or impatient feeling resulting from failing or being hindered in one's attempts to do something.
immature not completely grown or developed; not mature.
infrastructure the basic facilities and equipment, especially of a technological nature, that are necessary for a system or organization to function.
literally word for word.
mere being neither more nor better than what is spoken of.
narrative a story, description, or account of events.
proposition a suggested plan of action.
pry1 to be too curious about another person's private life.
rejection the act of refusing to accept, take, or believe.
specific pertaining to a particular thing or person and to nothing else of the same kind; particular.
status a person's position or rank compared with others.