Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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accord agreement; harmony.
foolproof always successful or effective.
forecast a guess or estimate about something that will happen in the future.
hearth the floor of a fireplace, or the stone or brick area in front of it.
hoax an act meant to trick or deceive.
impertinent rude or too bold.
imprison to put or keep in a prison.
indifference lack of interest, especially when interest is called for,expected, or hoped for.
ongoing continuing from sometime in the past into the present.
particularly to an unusual degree; more than other things in a group.
salvation the act of saving or the condition of being saved from sin or evil; redemption.
skew to turn or go off at an angle; swerve.
smirk to smile in a self-satisfied, offensively knowing, or self-conscious way.
technique the particular method or way of doing or performing something.
withdrawn emotionally distant or unresponsive.