Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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abusive characterized by offensive or unfair language.
cavity a hollow place or hole.
circulate to move or flow along a closed path or system.
concession an act or instance of yielding or conceding.
coordinate to arrange or select things so that they work well together.
ecosystem a community of living things, together with their environment.
hypothesis a prediction or educated guess that can be tested and can be used to guide further study.
investigative of or relating to a comprehensive process of searching for, uncovering, and examining information.
mere being neither more nor better than what is spoken of.
misplace to put in a wrong place; lose.
parish a district of a Christian religion that has its own church and priest or minister.
penalize to give penalty or punishment to.
tempt to try to get (someone) to do something wrong or not wise by offering or seeming to offer something very desirable.
utmost of the highest or greatest degree, amount, or intensity; greatest.
validity the condition or fact of being based on truth, fact, or knowledge.