Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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bribe something promised or given to a person as a way of getting that person to do a certain thing.
dosage the amount or timing of medicine to be taken.
furnish to supply with furniture.
holistic handling or dealing with an entity in its entirety or wholeness rather than with emphasis on its parts or various aspects.
immense very large; huge.
infiltrate to enter into in secret.
menace that which presents a danger or threat.
mirage an illusion in which something is seen in the distance but is not really there.
mockery contempt, derision, or ridicule, or an instance of this.
objective a goal or purpose that a person works to achieve; aim.
physiological of or relating to the vital processes or functions of a living organism or its parts.
refrain1 to hold oneself back; to not enter into a particular action; desist; forbear (often followed by "from").
restrict to keep within limits.
royalty a member of a king or queen's family, or all such persons as a group.
significantly in an amount or to an extent that is important; considerably.