Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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compute to figure out or calculate by using arithmetic.
condemn to call wrong, evil, or inadequate; strongly disapprove of.
expose to uncover or reveal.
facility a building made or used for a particular activity.
involvement the state of having a role in or interest in.
notify to tell about; give notice of.
ornery mean; stubborn.
prescribe to order or suggest as a medicine.
silhouette any dark figure seen against a light background, so that details are hard to see.
spatial of, relating to, or occurring in space.
spectacle an unusual or splendid sight or public show.
spite the wish to hurt, bother, or embarrass a person.
supplementary additional; extra.
tempt to try to get (someone) to do something wrong or not wise by offering or seeming to offer something very desirable.
translate to change into the words of another language.