Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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acute sharp; severe.
chronic tending to a certain behavior or illness over a long time or without stopping.
complexity the state or condition of being complex or complicated.
elope to run away and marry in secret.
hostility the state of being unfriendly or full of hate.
ignorance lack of education or information.
incline to slope or slant.
initiative the power, energy, or ability to organize or accomplish something.
neutralize to cause to have no effect or become useless.
opera a play in which all or most of the words are sung and the music is played by an orchestra.
personnel all of the people who work for a business or other organization.
snare1 anything intended to lure, tempt, or entangle unsuspecting victims; trap.
sprawl to lie, sit, or fall with the arms and legs spread out in a loose or relaxed way.
trainee one who is being taught to do a particular job in a company or trade; apprentice.
warranty a document given to the buyer of an article in which the maker agrees, within a limited period of time, to repair or replace the article if it is defective.