Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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adequate enough for the situation or need.
assumption something that is supposed or believed without questioning. For example, if you ask someone whether she is allowed to watch TV during dinner, you have made an assumption that there is a TV in her house. Assumptions are ideas people have that are not based on proven facts. An assumption can be correct or incorrect.
assurance a statement meant to give confidence.
collage a type of art work in which different kinds of materials are pasted onto a surface to make a picture. These materials can be anything from paper and photographs, to cloth and buttons.
compensate to pay or repay.
consideration careful attention or thought.
deviation difference or divergence, as from a typical pattern, accepted social norms, political orthodoxy, or the like.
enroll to enlist or sign up officially.
inaugurate to start or cause to start formally.
landmark a point in a landscape that is used as a reference or marks a boundary.
philosophical of or pertaining to the nature and principles of knowledge, truth, existence, and moral and aesthetic values.
tarry1 to delay or postpone starting or acting; linger.
transcribe to write or type a copy or full version of (something dictated or heard, shorthand notes, or the like).
translate to change into the words of another language.
wrought worked, done, put together, or shaped.