Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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aggregation the act of collecting or being collected into a whole or mass.
avoidance the act of keeping away from or keeping from happening.
chronological according to the order in which things happen.
cognitive of, pertaining to, or involving the use of the mind for acquiring knowledge and processing thought.
deteriorate to become less in value or quality; decline.
embroil to involve in conflict.
ethic (plural) an individual's or group's moral principles.
indication anything that indicates, such as a sign.
nocturnal happening in the night.
probation a period of time for testing a person's ability, character, or behavior.
quarry a large open hole or pit dug for mining stone, marble, gravel, or the like.
radiant sending out heat or rays of light; shining brightly.
seminar a small class at a university, usually for advanced students, for study and discussion.
setback something that happens that slows, stops, or reverses progress that is being made.
variable something that can change or that has no fixed value.