Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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administer to manage, take care of, or be in charge of.
conquer to get or overcome by force.
context the setting of a word or phrase in speaking or writing that determines or affects its meaning. Context can be pictures, sounds, other words, or physical surroundings.
disciple one who follows a leader or teacher; pupil.
infection the act of infecting or an instance or condition of being infected.
infuse to fill or inspire.
instructional pertaining to or having the purpose of teaching or providing information on a topic.
inventory a complete list of things on hand or in a particular place.
mechanism the working or moving part or process that causes a result.
obesity the condition of being exceedingly and unhealthily overweight.
pun a humorous play on words based on two words that are close in sound but different in meaning.
slander a false statement or statements made to hurt someone's reputation, or the act of making such statements.
statistics (used with a singular verb) the mathematical study of numerical information, especially representative information about a limited portion of a population that is used to make generalized conclusions about the whole.
suspicion the act or an instance of not believing or doubting.
toxic acting as or like a poison; injurious or deadly.