Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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attorney a person whose job is to give legal advice and to speak for people in court; lawyer.
demographic of or relating to the study of human populations, involving statistical analysis of size, distribution, density, migration, fertility, and the like.
epic having to do with a long poem that tells the story of a hero or heroine.
flux a state of continuous change or movement.
fortress a large, fortified building or area, often around a town or settlement.
indifference lack of interest, especially when interest is called for,expected, or hoped for.
input information that is put into a computer.
instructional pertaining to or having the purpose of teaching or providing information on a topic.
liquefy to reduce to or become a fluid.
mar to damage or spoil, especially on the surface or face, but not severely.
originate to start or come into being.
paternal having to do with or typical of a father.
perplex to puzzle, confuse, or cause uncertainty in the mind of (a person).
sovereign having independent government.
tact the ability to say or do the right thing when dealing with others in a difficult situation.