Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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allocate to assign or set aside (money or other resources) for some specific use.
approximation an estimate; guess.
characterize to describe the particular character or qualities of; give certain characteristics to.
civilian of or relating to the daily life of ordinary citizens, not of the military or police.
consecutive following one after another without a break.
expedite to send off, facilitate the progress of, or accomplish with speed and efficiency.
humane showing kindness or mercy.
obstinate not willing to change one's ideas; stubborn.
peninsula a piece of land surrounded on nearly all sides by water. It is connected to a larger body of land by a usually narrow strip of land.
pith weightiness, significance, or importance.
potential a certain skill that may be developed.
recur to happen again or over and over.
reliance the act of relying or depending.
scoff to speak with mild scorn or derision (often followed by "at").
superb of the finest kind or quality.