Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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bard in ancient Celtic times, a person who composed and recited or sang epic poetry.
boundless without limits.
disdain an attitude or display of contempt; scorn.
elope to run away and marry in secret.
enroll to enlist or sign up officially.
flank the area between the hip and the ribs on either side of the body.
grate1 a frame of crossed or parallel metal bars used as a covering or guard over an opening.
impress to make a strong impact on (someone), especially a positive impact.
marital of or concerning marriage.
migrate to move from one region into another.
nook a corner of a room or a small area set off from a main room.
oasis an area in a desert where plants can grow. The plants are fed by water from a spring or well.
relentless without mercy or compassion; unyielding or stern.
renowned known and praised by many; famous.
scholarly of or appropriate to a student or a learned person.