Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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abbreviate to shorten the time or length of.
chronological according to the order in which things happen.
drone2 to talk in a boring voice without changing one's tone.
eligible qualified for something; in a position to be chosen.
enthrall to hold the complete attention of; fascinate.
evaluate to judge the level or value of.
fascination the condition of having one's attention aroused and held, as by charm, beauty, or extreme interest.
flair a natural ability; talent.
hulk an old ship that no longer is in use.
intertwine to twist together, one about the other; interlace or interlock.
lengthy tediously long in duration, as a speech.
maintenance the act of taking care of or keeping in good condition.
resolution strong purpose or determination.
similarity the state or quality of being similar; resemblance.
virtually practically; almost completely; very nearly.