Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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authentic real, genuine, or true.
bankruptcy the legal inability to pay debts.
bog an area of soft, wet earth; marsh.
enthrall to hold the complete attention of; fascinate.
evaluate to judge the level or value of.
hinder to hold back or stop the progress of.
pathetic causing feelings of pity or sorrow.
placement the act of putting into position or the state of being put into position; location.
preen to dress and groom oneself with great care and satisfaction; primp.
romance a love relationship, either in life or in literature or film.
salvage the act of saving property from destruction.
seam a line formed by sewing two pieces of fabric together.
sequence a pattern or process in which one thing follows another.
synthetic made with chemicals formed in a laboratory instead of something found in nature; man-made; artificial.
variable something that can change or that has no fixed value.