Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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aroma a pleasant smell; fragrance.
bamboozle (informal) to trick by deceptive claims, flattery, or the like; deceive.
chaos a state, condition, or place of complete confusion or disorder.
comprise to be made up of; consist of.
cope to handle or deal with in a successful way (often followed by "with").
crevice a narrow opening, as in vertical rock or a wall; crack; fissure.
delegate a person who is chosen to speak or act for others.
discipline training of the body or mind to bring about good performance and good behavior.
elude to get away from or avoid by speed or skill.
finale the last part of a piece of music.
hypothesis a prediction or educated guess that can be tested and can be used to guide further study.
innovation a new idea, product, or way to do something.
intrigue to draw the strong interest of; puzzle; fascinate.
simulation something that imitates or resembles, or the fact of resemblance itself.
swoon to lose consciousness; faint.