Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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amble to walk at a slow, easy pace.
cancel to do away with; decide against; call off.
cockpit the area from which the pilot and crew control an airplane.
commitment a pledge or obligation to fulfill an act or function.
conceivable capable of being thought of or imagined; thinkable.
cosmos the universe considered as a whole.
import something that is brought in from another country and usually sold as merchandise.
impress to make a strong impact on (someone), especially a positive impact.
indicator a person or thing that points to or signals something.
judicial having to do with judges, law courts, or their activities.
lavish to give or spend a large amount or without limit.
plume a large, fluffy, colorful feather.
predatory living on the flesh of other animals.
rebuke to give a sharp reprimand to; criticize.
simplicity the condition or quality of being easy to understand or do.