Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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congenital existing from birth, but usually not hereditary.
considerably to a quite large degree or extent.
economics the study of how goods and services are produced and distributed.
eloquent using words well, in a way that others enjoy hearing or reading.
heroic noble and courageous.
impair to lessen the strength or ability of; damage.
indignant feeling or showing anger about something considered to be unfair or without value.
integrate to bring together and mix into a whole.
moderate not too much or too little; within limits.
pry1 to be too curious about another person's private life.
reactive characterized by reaction or response to a stimulus; tending to react.
reference the act or fact of mentioning.
solitude the condition of living or being by oneself.
spangle a small, thin piece of shiny metal used for decoration on clothing.
treacherous betraying or likely to betray trust; false.