Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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abase to bring down the rank, status, or reputation of; degrade.
bribe something promised or given to a person as a way of getting that person to do a certain thing.
cryptic difficult to understand; ambiguous or mysterious in meaning.
diversify to give or introduce variety to or into.
immigrate to come to live permanently in a country where one was not born.
isolate to set apart or separate so as to be alone.
long-term covering an extended period of time.
mindful careful; attentive (usually followed by "of").
representative a person who speaks or acts for a group or community.
scorch to burn slightly.
shrewd clever and careful.
significance great value; importance.
strive to try or work hard.
undergraduate a college or university student who has not yet earned a degree.
validity the condition or fact of being based on truth, fact, or knowledge.