Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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audacious very bold or adventurous; daring.
Aurora bands or streamers of light that appear in the sky at night in areas around the magnetic poles, caused by solar particles striking atoms in the outer part of the earth's atmosphere.
confer to give or award.
descendant one who comes from a given ancestor or ancestors.
embitter to make bitter the feelings or attitude of (someone).
immature not completely grown or developed; not mature.
influential having power or authority; able to affect others.
instinct natural behavior in an animal that is not taught by parents or experience but is simply part of what an animal is born with.
integrate to bring together and mix into a whole.
legislate to create a law or laws.
parish a district of a Christian religion that has its own church and priest or minister.
resolve to decide firmly and sincerely to do something or that something shall be done.
royalty a member of a king or queen's family, or all such persons as a group.
seminar a small class at a university, usually for advanced students, for study and discussion.
waver1 to move back and forth in a fluttering motion; sway.