Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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barter to trade services or things for other services or things without using money.
bog an area of soft, wet earth; marsh.
chronic tending to a certain behavior or illness over a long time or without stopping.
contour the outline of a figure or surface; shape.
criticism the act of judging what is good or bad in something.
educational giving knowledge or skill.
gall1 impudence; nerve.
hence from this moment; from now.
isolation the act of setting apart, or the state of being set apart from other things or people.
offset to make up for or balance.
preservation protection from loss or damage; the act of preserving.
salvation the act of saving or the condition of being saved from sin or evil; redemption.
selective very careful in choosing.
tolerance willingness to accept people whose race, religion, opinions, or habits are different from one's own.
vacate to make vacant or unoccupied by leaving.