Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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ajar partly opened.
audible heard or able to be heard.
conceive to give shape to in the mind.
contempt the feeling or expression of angry disgust at something wicked, mean, or not worthy.
gross rude or disgusting.
ineffective producing little or none of the desired or intended impact.
infrastructure the basic facilities and equipment, especially of a technological nature, that are necessary for a system or organization to function.
insomnia difficulty in getting to sleep.
insurgent one who uses armed force to rebel against one's own government.
invaluable having value too great to guess or measure; priceless.
originate to start or come into being.
pacify to calm or bring back peace of mind to.
rebellion an armed fight against one's government; uprising.
saunter to walk at an unhurried, leisurely pace; stroll.
status a person's position or rank compared with others.