Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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access a way of approaching or coming to a place.
breakthrough an important discovery in a particular field that encourages an acceleration in knowledge or expertise.
brochure a small booklet or pamphlet, especially one that contains pictures and is used for advertising purposes.
concept a general idea or thought.
consciousness the physical condition of being awake and aware.
desirable sexually attractive.
disclose to make known; tell.
disdain an attitude or display of contempt; scorn.
distinction a mark or feature that makes someone or something different.
generosity the condition of being willing and ready to give.
jaunt a short trip made for fun and pleasure.
restrain to hold back or control.
shrine a sacred place or object that is devoted to some holy person or god.
supple easily curved or bent; flexible.
swarm to come together or move as a large group or mass.