Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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adverse not helpful to one's wishes or interests.
complex difficult to understand.
eventual sure to happen at some time in the future.
hypothetical based on a premise rather than having substance in reality; supposed.
malfunction the act or an instance of failing to operate or work properly.
mite1 a tiny animal that is related to the spider. Most mites are parasites and live on other animals or plants.
nauseate to cause disgust or repugnance in.
opt to decide; choose (usually followed by "for" or an infinitive).
overall including nearly all; general.
pathetic causing feelings of pity or sorrow.
quirky characterized by oddities or peculiarities.
temperate having neither extremely hot nor extremely cold temperatures and mild weather.
undiscovered not yet found or known to exist.
valid based on truth, fact, or logic.
verify to make sure of the truth or correctness of.