Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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cease to stop or come to an end.
crease a fold or dent made by heat or pressure.
descriptive using or full of description.
grimy covered or filled with dirt or soil; extremely dirty.
hybrid the offspring of two plants or animals that are of different species or breeds.
instinct natural behavior in an animal that is not taught by parents or experience but is simply part of what an animal is born with.
pastor a minister or priest in charge of a church or congregation.
petty of little importance or interest.
reminisce to recall past experiences, often with fondness or pleasure.
sequence a pattern or process in which one thing follows another.
simulation something that imitates or resembles, or the fact of resemblance itself.
spite the wish to hurt, bother, or embarrass a person.
suppliant a person who makes a heartfelt request.
unappreciated not acknowledged as having worth or value.
valiant showing or characterized by courage in both spirit and action; brave; heroic.