Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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autonomous free and independent, as a state or an organism; self-governing.
census an official count of the people who live in a country or other area. A census is also used to collect information about these people, such as their job, age, or sex.
chaff the husks separated from grain by threshing.
clinical of or related to direct observation and treatment of patients, as opposed to theory or laboratory research.
compatible able to exist or function harmoniously with another.
conceal to hide or keep hidden from sight.
ecology the scientific study of the relationships between living things and their environments.
embroil to involve in conflict.
exceed to go beyond or do more than.
forum a public meeting to discuss some problem of public or general interest.
legendary having to do with or like a legend.
marketing advertising and other activities involved in getting people to buy a product or service from a company.
peril the condition of being in danger or at risk.
slogan a short phrase used to state a principle or political message or to advertise a product; motto.
stability the condition or quality of being steady, fixed, or unchanging.