Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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approximation an estimate; guess.
avenger one who inflicts suffering in order to punish or gain retribution for a wrong.
brochure a small booklet or pamphlet, especially one that contains pictures and is used for advertising purposes.
channel a long, narrow body of water that joins two larger bodies of water.
comprehend to understand or grasp the meaning of.
cylinder a solid figure with a shape similar to that of a can, a round flat cake, or a round tube with closed ends. A cylinder has parallel circular faces joined by one curved face.
denounce to speak out against.
duct a pipe or tube that carries air or liquid.
insightful keenly perceptive.
municipal of or having to do with a local government or unit of government.
plume a large, fluffy, colorful feather.
priority precedence, especially because of authority, right, or urgent need.
refrain1 to hold oneself back; to not enter into a particular action; desist; forbear (often followed by "from").
skulk to hide or wait in hiding; lurk.
transmit to send or carry from one person, place, or thing to another.