Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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alteration the state or process of altering.
complex difficult to understand.
consequently as a result; therefore.
dire causing, likely to cause, or involving terror or suffering.
discriminate to judge or treat someone unfairly because he or she belongs to a particular group or category of people (usually followed by "against").
intervention the act of interfering so as to prevent something from happening
lax not rigorous, strict, or careful; loose; lenient.
lunar of or having to do with the moon.
obstruct to block or clog.
ordain to admit to the clergy as a priest, minister, or rabbi in a formal ceremony.
overall including nearly all; general.
pamphlet a thin book that has a paper cover, written to give information on some topic.
precede to come before in time.
solitude the condition of living or being by oneself.
validate to prove acceptable; verify.