Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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aggressive mean and unfriendly in one's actions; ready to argue or start fights.
brawl a noisy fight or argument.
dictate to state or order with authority.
escapade a wild adventure or prank, usually mischievous or mildly wicked.
expose to uncover or reveal.
fluster to cause to become nervous, confused, or upset.
hardheaded not easily moved, manipulated, or duped; shrewd; pragmatic.
indignant feeling or showing anger about something considered to be unfair or without value.
melancholy a feeling of sadness or depression.
odyssey an extended, wandering journey of adventure or quest.
polar of or having to do with the North Pole or South Pole of the earth.
scrounge to seek out and gather, especially by salvaging scraps (often followed by "up" or "together").
squeamish nauseated, or tending to be easily nauseated or disgusted; queasy.
symbolic acting as a symbol (often followed by "of").
vector a mathematical expression of direction and magnitude, usually represented by an arrow pointing to the particular direction, with a length proportional to the magnitude.