Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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analysis a careful study of the parts of something in order to understand more about the whole.
commute to ride or drive a long distance to and from work or school.
conditional depending on certain circumstances or events.
coordinate to arrange or select things so that they work well together.
deluge a flood caused by a great amount of water.
entrust to hand over to for the care or protection of.
ethics the rules of conduct or moral principles of an individual or a group.
inactive not moving or operating; inert; quiescent.
pathology the scientific study of the causes, nature, and results of bodily disease.
preferential giving advantage to one over others.
reception the act or process of receiving.
resolve to decide firmly and sincerely to do something or that something shall be done.
taxonomy in biology, the system of classifying plants and animals by grouping them into categories according to their similarities.
thermal using, resulting from, or producing heat.
vista a distant view as seen from a particular point or through an opening such as between buildings or trees.