Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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angular having a bony structure, as a person's body.
distinctive serving to set apart or mark as distinct or unusual.
donor one who gives or contributes something without expecting anything in return.
embroil to involve in conflict.
exotic from a foreign place.
exterior on or having to do with the outside; outer.
implication something hinted at or suggested, but not said directly.
litigation the act of engaging in a lawsuit.
ministry the duties and functions of a religious minister.
mutual felt, said, or done by each for the other; shared by two or more people; given and received.
notorious known for something bad.
oust to force out; expel.
petty of little importance or interest.
premature done, happening, or born before the expected time; too soon.
temptation the condition of being lured or enticed by the possibility of pleasure to do something unwise or wrong.