Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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anthropology the scientific study of humankind. People who study anthropology learn about the origins and development of human beings and their societies and customs.
certainty the state of being sure or confident.
comprehensive including everything or almost everything; wide in range.
divine of, from, or having to do with a god or gods.
elsewhere in or to another place.
experiment to explore by trying different things.
miscellaneous made up of many different kinds.
prone having the habit of; being likely to.
rational based on sound reasoning; sensible.
resistant capable of opposing or willing to oppose.
separation the act of dividing or keeping apart or the condition of being kept apart.
simulate to imitate or reproduce the appearance, sound, or other external characteristics or qualities of.
skulk to hide or wait in hiding; lurk.
subdue to overcome or conquer, as by military victory.
torment a state of great suffering of the body or mind.