Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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allot to set apart for a particular purpose; assign.
anomaly an act or instance of differing from the usual pattern, form, or type; peculiarity; abnormality.
averse strongly opposed or disinclined; unwilling (usually followed by "to").
characteristic something that makes a person or thing different from others.
civilization an advanced state of development of a society as judged by such things as having a system of government and laws, using a written language, and keeping written records.
deflate to cause to shrink or collapse by letting out air or gas.
demographic of or relating to the study of human populations, involving statistical analysis of size, distribution, density, migration, fertility, and the like.
dubious having or showing doubt; skeptical.
ignorance lack of education or information.
intellectual of or having to do with the intellect.
kin the members of an extended family together; relatives.
metaphor a phrase that describes something by comparing it to some other thing.
quarry a large open hole or pit dug for mining stone, marble, gravel, or the like.
shortage an amount that is less than is needed; lack.
translate to change into the words of another language.