Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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admission the price a person must pay to enter.
allot to set apart for a particular purpose; assign.
bizarre strikingly odd or unusual, especially in appearance or behavior.
conserve to keep safe from loss, waste, or destruction.
dominate to control by the use of power; rule.
explanatory serving to clarify or account for.
haughty proud in a way that shows a low opinion of others; thinking of others as beneath oneself.
imply to hint or suggest without saying directly.
jealousy a feeling of envy towards another person and what he or she has or can do.
kink a tight curl or twist.
meditate to think calmly, deeply, and at length (sometimes followed by "on" or "upon").
minimal of, pertaining to, or being the smallest or least possible in quantity, degree, or size.
ownership the state or fact of being the possessor of something.
prose writing or speech in its usual form of a series of sentences. Most language that is not poetry can be described as prose. Novels, short stories, essays, and letters are examples of writing done in prose.
rebellious unwilling to accept one's situation or submit to the will of others.