Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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alliance a group of people, countries, or groups that share certain goals and agree to work together.
animation the act or result of causing something to become lively or active.
conduit a channel, ditch, or pipe used to convey water or other liquid.
expose to uncover or reveal.
hardheaded not easily moved, manipulated, or duped; shrewd; pragmatic.
increasingly more and more; to a greater and greater degree.
insomnia difficulty in getting to sleep.
instructional pertaining to or having the purpose of teaching or providing information on a topic.
integrity a strong sense of honesty; firmness of moral character.
intention a decided course of action; plan.
intercept to stop or take hold of; interrupt the movement or progress of.
manuscript a piece of writing prepared by the author before it becomes a printed article or book.
subdue to overcome or conquer, as by military victory.
understandable able to be tolerated or sympathized with.
unique being the only one of its type; sole; single.