Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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allegedly according to what has been claimed although not proven.
approximate nearly exact or correct.
ballad a poem or song that tells a story.
degrade to bring down from a higher to a lower rank or degree by taking away a position or title.
helm a wheel or lever used for steering a ship.
insert to put or cause to be put in, into, or within.
ironically contrary to what seemed likely at first or to what one would naturally predict.
maintain to continue; keep in existence.
oblige to make (someone) feel bound to do something or to act in a certain way.
remnant a quantity, piece, or part that is left over or remains.
resistant capable of opposing or willing to oppose.
severity strictness; harshness.
specialize to devote one's attentions to a specific pursuit or field of study.
undergo to have the experience of; receive; endure.
vacate to make vacant or unoccupied by leaving.