Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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analogy similarity or correspondence between two otherwise dissimilar things.
blemish to damage or spoil the perfection of.
certainty the state of being sure or confident.
deficient lacking something needed.
encrusted covered with a hard or crisp layer of something.
interpretation the act or process of explaining or understanding the meaning of something.
norm a model or standard, especially one that is generally accepted or followed.
pamphlet a thin book that has a paper cover, written to give information on some topic.
pinpoint to find or explain exactly.
posture the general position of or manner of holding the body.
psychological of or having to do with psychology.
reminisce to recall past experiences, often with fondness or pleasure.
reversal the act of turning in or taking an opposite direction or position.
script the written text of a play, movie, or television show.
translate to change into the words of another language.