Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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approximately about; almost exactly.
chaos a state, condition, or place of complete confusion or disorder.
compliance acquiescence or conformity.
congestion the condition of being excessively full, especially the condition of a road or highway being overly filled with traveling vehicles or pedestrians.
continental of or pertaining to the whole of one of the major land masses, such as Europe or South America.
depression a state of deep sadness or hopelessness that can persist for months or years and is not necessarily triggered by any particular external events.
dingy dirty or not cared for well.
expressive full of feeling or meaning.
harmonic in music, related to chords, or different notes played simultaneously.
inspiration a person or thing that motivates, uplifts, or gives one the confidence to do something; someone or something that inspires.
inward in or toward the inside or center.
pry1 to be too curious about another person's private life.
psychological of or having to do with psychology.
respondent a person who gives a reply or answer, especially to a survey or poll.
unexpected unforeseen; surprising.