Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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bureaucracy an organized group of hired officials, especially governmental.
char1 to cook or burn so that the surface is blackened; scorch.
custody the legal right to take care of and control someone or something.
cylinder a solid figure with a shape similar to that of a can, a round flat cake, or a round tube with closed ends. A cylinder has parallel circular faces joined by one curved face.
dubious having or showing doubt; skeptical.
ego one's feeling about oneself, especially in comparison with other people.
embroil to involve in conflict.
illustrate to explain or make clear by giving examples.
indulge to give in to or satisfy a desire, appetite, or whim.
initiate to cause to begin; start; originate.
leery suspicious or mistrustful; wary (usually followed by "of").
muster to cause to come together; assemble.
passionate having or showing strong emotions.
subjective affected or shaped by personal experience, beliefs, and feelings.
urban of or having to do with a city or town.