Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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category a particular section of a main group; class.
complimentary expressing or giving praise.
consolidation the act of combining into a whole or mass; unification.
dormant asleep, or in a state of rest that is similar to sleep.
duct a pipe or tube that carries air or liquid.
embodiment a person or thing that perfectly represents some principle, spirit, or the like; incarnation.
hostility the state of being unfriendly or full of hate.
internal located on the inside; inner.
knead to mix by pressing, folding, and pulling.
objection a statement of not liking or not agreeing with something.
rant to speak or complain loudly and vehemently.
reportedly according to what has been said or according to rumor.
salvage the act of saving property from destruction.
superb of the finest kind or quality.
tyranny a government in which a single person rules absolutely and in a cruel way.